A Web-based Test of Fitts' Law

UC Berkeley Dataset of 94,580 human motion timing measurements

Draft Paper: A New Derivation and Dataset for Fitts' Law of Human Motion

We are studying Fitts' Law, a model of human motor response developed by Paul Fitts in 1954. Fitts' Law has been applied by Human Factors and Ergonomics engineers to thousands of designs ranging from assembly lines to computer interfaces. Since Fitts' model is so influential, it is important to verify its accuracy and to consider alternative models.

We've developed a web-based interactive experiment that allows anyone on the Internet to see if their own motor skills compare with Fitts' and with an alternative model we've developed based on an acceleration model.  If you can spare 3 minutes to click on 50 target points, we'll plot and display your results immediately.  In a few months, we'll post a copy of our report of how well these models perform, based on the timing data from hundreds of users like you.

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(Dedicated to Professor E.R.F.W."Ted" Crossman, 1925-2001)