UC Berkeley's AUTOLab, directed by Professor Ken Goldberg of IEOR, EECS, School of Information, Art Practice at UC Berkeley and Radiation Oncology at UCSF, is a center for research in learning for robotics and automation, with current projects in Cloud Robotics, Robot Learning from Demonstrations, Computer Assisted Surgery, Automated Manufacturing, and New Media Artforms.

  • Cloud Robotics What if robots and automation systems were not limited by onboard computation, memory, or software? Wireless networking and rapidly expanding Internet resources can reduce these limitations. We are exploring how the Internet can be a resource for massively parallel computation and real time sharing of vast data resources.
  • Computer Assisted Surgery To improve patient care and more accurately target treatment within the human body, we're developing new geometric models and algorithms for automating surgical subtasks such as suturing and debridement using the da Vinci surgical robot. We are also developing models of soft tissues and new methods for dose planning, brachytherapy, and planning algorithms for steering flexible needles.
  • Automated Manufacturing To produce the high quality, rapidly evolving products of the future, we're establishing a science base for automated assembly by analyzing its basic components. We develop efficient geometric algorithms for feeding, fixturing, and grasping industrial parts.
  • New Media Artforms To discover what can be expressed with new technologies such as networks, robots, digital cameras, and sensors that could not previously be expressed, we're designing art installations that explore issues related to cultural history, privacy, and "telepistemology: what is knowable at a distance."

Contact: Ken Goldberg (goldberg@berkeley.edu)
Berkeley Automation Sciences Lab
2111 Etcheverry Hall, UC Berkeley

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