Obtaining a Key to 1169 Etcheverry

To Automation Lab students,

Welcome to the lab! If you need a key to the Automation Science Lab in 1169 Etcheverry Hall, please send me the info below in plain email (not in .doc or other attachment) and be sure to cc the folks above.
  • 1) ** ALWAYS deadbolt the lab door if you are the last to leave, even if you are just going down the hall to get a drink of water.
  • 2) Please take good care of your lab key, be sure NOT to label it so if it's lost, it can't be used.
  • 3) Due to space and security constraints we can't allow lab members to bring in friends who are not official lab members, ie, the lab can't be used for class/group meetings. Please carefully read: http://automation.berkeley.edu/rules.html

Keys to the lab are available in the main IEOR office (4141 Etch) with a $20.00 (refundable) deposit when you turn back your key. Please bring a blank check and they'll help you fill it out. They can also advise on adding you Cal ID card to the access list for Etcheverry Hall building access after hours and on weekends.

Automation Sciences Lab Information Form

Lab Keys

Fill in and email to all cc'd above:


Subject: Automation Sciences Key Access: <name>


Automation Sciences Lab Personnel:
department and level (ieor-sophomore, etc):
expected departure date:
computer/OS/software experience:
project interests:
preferred working hours:
permanent address and phone num:
I confirm I have read and accept the lab rules: (yes/no) http://automation.berkeley.edu/rules.html

Ken Goldberg
Lab Director
Prof of IEOR, EECS, and the School of Information
UC Berkeley